AEP Diversity Advisory Board Looks to Talent Development and Preparation

When AEP started the Improving Learning Resource Through Diversity (ILRTD) initiative in 2009, the goal was to begin the conversation about diversity in instructional materials and to introduce qualified candidates to the educational publishing industry. Now, AEP has formed an advisory board, led by David Rust, Partner at Sandhill Consulting Group LLC, to consider how the organization can take the next steps in advancing the ILRTD’s mission. The board met in September to define the diversity challenge and to tap areas of expertise from various fields—industry, associations, universities, and career management—to build a Program of Action for the educational publishing industry.

Key Areas

  1. Legacy of multiculturalism: There are lessons educational publishing can learn from other industries that have tackled diversity. The board is studying these efforts and how they can be applied to the ILRTD. In addition, advisory members are researching contributions of diverse groups to educational publishing in our nation’s history that could inspire future progress.
  2. Preparation and access: In order to increase the talent pool, publishers need to engage both students and current professionals. The board is looking at other initiatives geared toward attracting college students to publishing careers and how to push information to them so they are interested in our industry and prepared to enter it. Similarly, the board wants to examine how to bring in experienced employees across a variety of positions–finance, IT, as well as product development–to create more dynamic and sustainable diversity. As Rust noted in a previous interview, the ILRTD is looking for practical ways to effect culture change across companies.
  3. Industry support: While the industry is aware of the need to attract and retain diverse populations, it is not easily implemented. The board’s Program of Action will include a range of initiatives and resources that educational publishers may need to achieve a more meaningfully diverse workforce–whether it’s providing models, hosting industry functions, or offering on-site support.

The ILRTD Advisory Board is meeting again on November 17 to further develop the Program of Action. In addition to the Board, AEP will be creating an ILRTD Committee open to any AEP member who wants to build on the board’s recommendations to refine and execute the strategies that will make diversity happen in our industry. For more information, contact Susan Fletcher at 302-295-8343.

AEP would like to thank Schultz & Williams for providing the meeting space and support for the ILRTD Advisory Board.

More information

ILRTD website

AEP Creates New Committee Focused on Diversity in Educational Publishing

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1 Response to “AEP Diversity Advisory Board Looks to Talent Development and Preparation”

  1. 1 Lisa Haileab March 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    My name is Lisa Haileab and I am a student at Howard University, working on my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. I am so excited to learn that this resource and organization exists as there is an urgent need for more diversity in educational publishing. I am presently working with several scholars that have conducted cutting edge research in the area of diversity and education. We are looking to publish a book that is more practitioner oriented that can serve as a companion to educators that are looking for effective strategies to implement in their classrooms. At this time I am trying to determine who the main publishers of books that focus on diversity and education for practitioners are as well as their accessibility to researchers. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
    Lisa Haileab

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