First Experiences with the Ed. Resource Community (CIC Snapshot)

The inaugural Talent Development Scholarship Program from AEP, supported by Jim McVety of First Step Advisors, is intended to help professionals new to the educational resource community learn, grow, and network at one of the industry’s most important events. Winners receive a full pass to AEP’s Content in Context (CIC) conference, as well as guided networking provided by veteran AEP members. Before and after the CIC, scholarship winners will contribute articles to Educational Publishing.

In this blog post scholarship winner Max Segal, Curator for The March of Time, discusses his first impressions of the CIC and the collegial nature of the educational resource community.

HBO Archives had strongly considered attending the Content in Context Conference. We had heard much of the developing digital transition in the educational industry. We just weren’t sure if the timing was right. Then we were notified of AEP’s inaugural Scholarship initiative. We didn’t hesitate in pursuing this opportunity. Anticipation and expectations grew higher when the Scholarship Committee had chosen us as one of the first four honorees.

Part of the scholarship program included a mentor who would help with guided introductions. I was fortunate enough to be teamed up with seasoned veteran Dan Caton [Executive Vice President, McGraw-Hill School Education]. If that wasn’t enough, as I met with fellow AEP members, must of them seemed to take on a role as mentor too.

HBO Archives was established eight years ago. We have been active and successful in the non-educational markets throughout this time.  We have attending various non-educational conferences over the years. Content in Context was very different, in a positive way.  It felt more open and more personalized. Members are friendly and eager to help out, regardless if it is in the interest or not.  The energy was very positive.  Attendees were so easily approachable.  It was a very refreshing and engaging week for me.

Previously, frustrated AEP members told me they have been waiting about ten years for the much-heralded digital transition. Virtually all members are convinced that time is here. Many are deeply embedded in the transformation into this new media.  This is an exciting confirmation for us.  Our March of Time collection covers more than five decades of historical footage and was warmly received as a way to amplify programs that were previously limited to photography.

Introducing our footage collections was the primary reason we decided to join AEP last fall.  That being said, I am a father of two young children as well as being a local Cub Scout leader. Seminar after seminar was intriguing to me on the parental level. Being surrounded by so many attendees that have dedicated their lives to improving the education of our children and empowering their teachers was infectious. Member’s unflinching passion drives us to be more involved with AEP on a deeper level.

I loved the idea of the Innovation Throwdown. I vote this be an annual standard. It was fun and, more importantly, pushed for new and very different ways to remedy some long-time challenges.

Another highlight for me was the Weekly Reader’s luncheon. It was thrilling to see writers empowered at such a young age.  It was a hoot to hear the winning middle-schooler proudly tell us she has been a journalist for seven years. It was enlightening to hear the high school winners explain that they had started in print publishing but give it up for the power of going online. They spoke with such confident, like the veterans they are.

I will be spending the next few weeks reflecting back and reviewing my notes. I will be following up with new friends I met last week. Again, much thanks for AEP for making the scholarship available and chosing us as one of the honorees. We look forward to being more involved with the AEP community.

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