Is Now Truly the Time of the Truly Digital Classroom?

Frank Catalano, Principal for Intrinsic Strategy and an AEP member, frequently blogs about educational technology and the transition to digital in the educational publishing industry. He recently wrote about the three drivers of the digital classroom and why digital K-12 education may be coming into its own in an essay for Strategic News Service (SNS). The piece includes observations from SIIA’s Ed Tech Industry Summit, AEP’s Content in Context Conference, and ISTE 2011.

Three Drivers

  1. Interactive Whiteboards: “The real change on the horizon–and the first digital trend applying primarily to education–comes now that IWBs are in a large proportion of classrooms. They provide enough of an installed base to become a platform and focal point for tying other proprietary and non-proprietary classroom hardware together (such as “clickers”–officially known as “classroom response devices”–and consumer-grade iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones). The IWB is evolving into more than a chalkboard replacement. It is turning into a delivery system for high-quality, interactive, multimedia instructional content, reflecting an emphasis that is starting to shift from the interactive whiteboard itself to an interactive classroom.”
  2. Open Educational Resources: “What open source in the enterprise has done for code, Open Educational Resources in education is doing for content. As the second digital education-only trend, OER goes beyond “free” instructional content, though that certainly is a driver in tough school budget times…Good OER is granular down to the lesson or concept, and can be mixed-and-matched with other free and paid instructional materials seamlessly. Both the U.S Department of Education and the Gates Foundation have recently taken steps to encourage OER.”
  3. Adaptive Instruction: “Adaptive instruction itself is far from new in education, but it hasn’t been fully mainstreamed, either. That appears poised to change due to shifts in the underlying technology and a broad array of new products and services that utilize adaptive engines.”

Read Frank Catalano’s complete article for SNS, “Three drivers of the digital classroom,” on the Intrinsic Strategy blog.

1 Response to “Is Now Truly the Time of the Truly Digital Classroom?”

  1. 1 Annabelle Howard August 18, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    And what about online teaching tools that allow the student to choose an instructional level, one skill at a time? No one likes to be a hamster on a wheel. We have seen students self-remediate and feel empowered by having the choice to learn at whatever level they deem appropriate. and my400words both allow for this.

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