Highlights Looks at the “State of the Kid”

Highlights for Children’s annual “State of the Kid” survey asks children about their concerns. This year focused on three targeted issues: bullying, their parents’ worries, and gender roles. Not surprisingly, kids who have been bullied are more likely to say they had bullied someone else, but gender and age play a role in defining bullying and the way kids handle it.


  • More children believed that they have experienced bullying (61 percent) than think they have bullied others (14 percent).
  • Kids ages 2–8 were more likely to describe bullying simply as “being mean” (48 percent) compared to kids 9–12 (34 percent), who were more likely to include behavioral descriptions.
  • The majority (28 percent) said they had told a teacher about the bullying compared to those who told their parents (15 percent).
  • Boys were significantly more likely than girls to say that they bullied the person back, while girls were more likely to say that they told the bully to stop or ignored the bully.
  • If they witnessed bullying, most kids’ first step was to tell an adult.

“One of the most powerful things we can do for children is to really listen to them,” said Christine French Cully, editor in chief of Highlights magazine, in a press release. “Learning their perspective is essential to finding the best ways to serve them as we strive to help them grow to be their best selves—-curious, confident, creative and caring.”

More Information

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