Report Spotlights E-learning

As e-learning moves further into the K-12 mainstream, a host of issues have arisen regarding evaluation, district-level implementation, financing and more. These topics and others are covered in Education Week’s Technology Counts 2012 report, Virtual Shift: E-learning turns toward district-level approaches and a focus on accountability.

 In regard to accountability, Education Week conducted an online poll of 367 administrators. The vast majority (93%) said they think virtual education providers need to integrate more accountability measures into their programs. One respondent specifically noted that virtual schools need to be measured in the same way as traditional schools. Only 16% of respondents, however, said their districts had done comparisons to see how well students taking online courses perform compared with students taking face-to-courses covering similar material.

The report covers a wide range of topics:

  • Spotlight Turns Toward Virtual Ed. Accountability
  • E-Schools Put Specific Measures for Success in Place
  • Single-District Virtual Ed. Seen Growing Fastest
  • School Districts Team Up on Virtual Ed. Initiatives
  • States Face Virtual School Financing Challenges
  • Examining the Florida Virtual School
  • Virtual Education Companies Face Increasing Scrutiny
  • E-Learning Providers Adjust to Market, Policy Forces
  • Blended Learning Sports Variety of Approaches
  • Students Critique Blended Learning Experiences
  • States Take Legislative Actions to Expand Virtual Ed.
  • Statistical Snapshots: Technology and K-12 Learning

Learn more here.

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