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Science Standards Update: Get Ready for a New Chapter One

At the Publishers’ Forum for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (held in April in conjunction with Achieve, AAP, AEP, the Hands-On Science Partnership, and the National Research Council) participants received updates on the progress of the standards, projected timelines for implementation, and information on participating states. Most important, though, the presenters highlighted the key issues that publishers should pay attention to as they begin developing for the new standards. Continue reading ‘Science Standards Update: Get Ready for a New Chapter One’

Andrew Hsu: Harnessing the Power of Educational Gaming

At age 19, Andrew Hsu already had three undergraduate science degrees, and he was closing in on a doctorate in neuroscience from Stanford University. He could have chosen dozens of high-profile career paths, but he selected one that led him into the field of educational gaming.

Receiving a $100,000 grant through the 20 Under 20 Fellowship program started by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel to encourage young entrepreneurs, Hsu left Stanford in early 2011 to found Airy Labs, an educational gaming company dedicated to creating the next generation of mobile and tablet learning games for kids. In August 2011, he secured seed financing of $1.5 million to support his vision for the company. Continue reading ‘Andrew Hsu: Harnessing the Power of Educational Gaming’

Why I’m (Still) Investing in the Education Industry

by Jim McVety, First Step Advisors

A year ago I first introduced my thinking behind the Talent Development Scholarship, I focused on the opportunity to engage new members of our industry in a shared mission to improve educational outcomes.

And did we ever. During CiC 2011, four up-and-coming education executives took full advantage of the scholarship to learn, network, reflect, and grow.

As you read through the posts from past winners, think about the last time you engaged so meaningfully in an opportunity to do these things. AEP, and CIC in particular, stand for growth and development and allow professionals in our space to learn from the best. Continue reading ‘Why I’m (Still) Investing in the Education Industry’

Blue-Sky Thinking at the Content in Context Conference

The Talent Development Scholarship Program from AEP, supported by Jim McVety of First Step Advisors, is intended to help professionals new to the educational resource community learn, grow, and network at one of the industry’s most important events. Winners receive a full pass to AEP’s Content in Context (CIC) conference, as well as guided networking provided by veteran AEP members. Before and after the CIC, scholarship winners will contribute articles to Educational Publishing.

Here, 2011 scholarship winner Allie McKay, Acquisitions Editor for IB Publishing reflects on her experience at the CIC and offers advice for those interested in the Talent Development Scholarship program and/or attending CIC for the first time.

Continue reading ‘Blue-Sky Thinking at the Content in Context Conference’

SIG Funding: Equal parts opportunity and accountability for external providers

In the AEP blog series, Ask an Expert, experts offer their advice on the most pressing issues facing the educational resource industry. Here, Jenny House from RedRock Reports discusses SIG opportunities and the accountability that comes with them.

An impressive $546 million is allocated for the current school year for School Improvement Grants (SIG) to turn around low-performing schools. And what’s more impressive? An average of 25% of those funds are going to private sector consultants, known as “external providers” in SIG-speak.

This is an enormous opportunity for the education market. However, SIG funding comes with a caveat: it is equal parts opportunity and accountability.

Continue reading ‘SIG Funding: Equal parts opportunity and accountability for external providers’

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